Tattooed lady!

So apart from the usual Christmas madness I decided to do something I’d wanted for a while. A tattoo I’ve had my heart set on. My life is a bit up in the air at the moment, some big changes going on, so this is kind of fitting. A mixture of some of my loves – craft, scissors, books and paper.
I went to see Daniel flowers in Dublin ink, showed him some of the elements I wanted and did a quick rough sketch. He then polished it all up and I loved his finished sketch. Ok the book is being cut up but it’s flying off to become something new.

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Sneak peek!!!


I had an exciting day yesterday!!! Here’s a sneak peek! Tune back in tomorrow for the full reveal!!!

The Great Christmas Tree Quandry

Real or Fake? I grew up in a house where we always used fake trees. they looked amazing but friends always raved about real tree’s. Am i missing something. Whenever I see real trees, they always look sparse and spiky. not as full and soft as my mums.

Have I just had bad real tree experiences or is faking it the way to go, enlighten me please

Nikki xxx



Last Sunday I was at the christmas fair organised by St.Mary’s in baldoyle. It was a fun day, made even better because my little girl Ceri was with me!

I was showing off some of my paintings as well as my cards and gifts! I LOVE PAINTING! It’s not something I get to do a lot of recently so just displaying them gives me the motivation to pick up my brush. I’m starting to hoard them, I really must start my etsy shop back up again!

Streatham- Pratts & Payne


I was in London not to long ago with some friends, My friend Steve has been living there two years, so he knows all the nice places. I went across with Steve’s sister Claire and got to spend some girly time running up and down the high street checking out all the charity shops but more on that later! On the sunday night we did the completely decadent thing and went down to their local for a few pints. I’m not a big drinker anymore but when I’m in London I love the cider. They have such an array of artisan ciders, blackberry, spiced honey, somerset, cloudy, and so on. Its a nice change from here in Dublin where the choice is normally bulmers or kopperberg. If someone knows where they do nice cider in Dublin please let me know!

DSC_0089Anyway…. The pub we went to was Pratts & Payne on Streatham High Street and it was lovely. Not packed as it was a sunday night but still cozy. It had a shabby chic vibe and the staff were great fun. Check out the cool little tip jar on the counter. The bar staff even went into details about recusing this poor bar maid from the evil clutches. But in case it doesn’t work, they are hiring. I ordered a cloudy cider and went to find my friends, Claire was drinking the worlds biggest hot cider. It was yummy but I stuck to the cloudy.

It was just one of those lovely evenings, Steve’s famously yummy flat mate Luca made up our happy foursome and we spent the evening debating who’d play us in the movie of our lives and why big eyebrows are sexy… I hope for more fun like this!

Nikki xxx


Brrr its cold outside


I have a day off today, so I’m tucked up indoors knitting. It’s the same every year, the weather gets chilly so out comes the wool. Both me and my daughter have pretty eclectic taste so being able to knit strange requests is great. We have the most unusual hats, scarves, gloves etc around.

As you can see from the pretty picture above, my two loves enjoy swapping hats. Mic normally doesn’t rock the flower look but I think he pulls it off quite well. He does need something more manly in this house though before the pink totally takes over. I was browsing raverly the other day for some ideas and found a great pattern from Gaze of dolls. It was an illusion stitch banner of a direwolf with the motto Winter is coming from Game of Thrones.


Pattern from Gaze of Dolls

You use approx. 3 balls of each colour wool and it looks easy enough until I went to read the pattern. I was totally stumped, I needed to bring it up to my mother to have her explain it to me. My Name is Nikki, I’m 30 yrs old and I still can’t read patterns. I have tried and tried but they totally stump me each time. I can read recipes and follow them, I’m an avid  book reader but I just can’t do patterns. I need visuals for knitting and crochet. If I can see the finished project or watch a video I’m fine, but give me a sheet of patterns and I’m a confused lady.  I’ll let you know how I get on with this one!

Nikki xxx

Let the countdown begin!

Less then a month until christmas now and I’m one of those sickening people who get ready extra early. I hate crowds at the best of times but packed shops at christmas is my idea of hell. I prefer to pick up bits earlier so I don’t have to brave the last minute madness. It may be a remnant of when I was pregnant with my daughter, she was due early Jan so I did all my shopping in Nov incase I went early. Now I still do it every year, come Dec its just stick up the decorations and wait for the big day! 

Its beginning to look a lot like christmas!

Its beginning to look a lot like christmas!