Tattooed lady!

So apart from the usual Christmas madness I decided to do something I’d wanted for a while. A tattoo I’ve had my heart set on. My life is a bit up in the air at the moment, some big changes going on, so this is kind of fitting. A mixture of some of my loves – craft, scissors, books and paper.
I went to see Daniel flowers in Dublin ink, showed him some of the elements I wanted and did a quick rough sketch. He then polished it all up and I loved his finished sketch. Ok the book is being cut up but it’s flying off to become something new.


My arm pre-inked, still got butterflies in my belly at this stage!

Daniel has started the outline at this stage, still feeling good.

All the line work is done at this stage and I’m still smiling! Got major respect from my man for not wimping out!

Lol Bash mag kept me entertained while getting inked! Loved checking out the craft tutorials I did for this issue, photos and styling is amazing but more on that at another stage!

Already looking pretty great before it was shaded!

TAA DAA it’s still super red and shiny, I’m going to have to look after it really well. I’ll post up another photo once it’s healed.
Nikki xxx


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