Whats in a name?

Ceri Rua is pronounced Care-E Rue-A, Ceri is the name of my daughter and Rua is irish for Red. She is a fiery beauty with hair the colour of autumn leaves. She is the greatest thing I have ever created so its only right I should pay her tribute by working to find beauty in this world to match hers.

Ceri Rua is the work of Nikki Doyle, A crafty, chatty Mum from Dublin, Ireland. I love all kinds of arts,craft, cooking, and reading. I began making cards under the name “Ceri Rua Designs” in 2003 and since then its morphed to cover so many other disciplines of craft. I’ve been lucky enough to work in the craft and wedding industry for the past 8 years and have met so many amazing people who inspire me daily.  I would love this blog to be a place to introduce you to some of them and maybe inspire you too.

Currently I’m making wedding invites, doing craft demo’s and some magazine work. I’m available for all sorts of arts & crafts projects and advice




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