Brrr its cold outside


I have a day off today, so I’m tucked up indoors knitting. It’s the same every year, the weather gets chilly so out comes the wool. Both me and my daughter have pretty eclectic taste so being able to knit strange requests is great. We have the most unusual hats, scarves, gloves etc around.

As you can see from the pretty picture above, my two loves enjoy swapping hats. Mic normally doesn’t rock the flower look but I think he pulls it off quite well. He does need something more manly in this house though before the pink totally takes over. I was browsing raverly the other day for some ideas and found a great pattern from Gaze of dolls. It was an illusion stitch banner of a direwolf with the motto Winter is coming from Game of Thrones.


Pattern from Gaze of Dolls

You use approx. 3 balls of each colour wool and it looks easy enough until I went to read the pattern. I was totally stumped, I needed to bring it up to my mother to have her explain it to me. My Name is Nikki, I’m 30 yrs old and I still can’t read patterns. I have tried and tried but they totally stump me each time. I can read recipes and follow them, I’m an avid  book reader but I just can’t do patterns. I need visuals for knitting and crochet. If I can see the finished project or watch a video I’m fine, but give me a sheet of patterns and I’m a confused lady.  I’ll let you know how I get on with this one!

Nikki xxx


My life, My loves

All you need is love

All you need is love

I’m lucky enough to have two loves in my life (crafting aside of course).

I have an 11yr old daughter called Ceri and a fabulous partner called Micheal, they are both crazy and keep me laughing.

Ceri has my arty streak, she is great at drawing which was never my strong point. I remember once showing my cousin lisa a portrait I drew of her only to have her debate for 20 mins who it was… “A gargoyle, no shrek, no no is it a monster”.  Ceri’s confidence in her art is amazing, I love that most about children, that pride in what they make. When do we lose that as adults?, we become almost bashful about what we make and resort to blogs to show off our skills. Ceri keeps me young, how could I act my age when surrounded by One Direction posters and glitter???

Micheal is not arty, but he has a great appreciation for art and great patience to endure the madness it brings to our house. A lesser man would complain about our house becoming a pink explosion for breast cancer awareness or miss eating at the table because a knitting project can’t be moved. Not Micheal, from our first date he has shown he is quite a man and I love him for it. Our debates keep my brain ticking and his logic and business sense keep me grounded.. My Ying and Yang, My loves xxx