Pin Me!

I’m as excited as a high school girl getting pinned by her varsity boyfriend. Wait scratch that it sounds a lil dirty.

I got Pinned. I said that to my mother in an excited voice, she smiled and said “thats lovely, sweetheart, now what does that mean?” So for Mam and anyone else. Someone pinned a photo of my new tattoo onto their inspiration board. It means someone on pinterest looked at my tattoo and said “Oh I’d like something like that” and posted it on to their idea board. The very idea that people around the world are looking at the tattoo design I created and are pinning it for their future tattoos is very exciting. Someone out there may get the same design thats on my arm and I couldn’t be happier!


The photo thats being pinned!

Here’s to more pinning in the future, Nikki xxx


Tattooed lady!

So apart from the usual Christmas madness I decided to do something I’d wanted for a while. A tattoo I’ve had my heart set on. My life is a bit up in the air at the moment, some big changes going on, so this is kind of fitting. A mixture of some of my loves – craft, scissors, books and paper.
I went to see Daniel flowers in Dublin ink, showed him some of the elements I wanted and did a quick rough sketch. He then polished it all up and I loved his finished sketch. Ok the book is being cut up but it’s flying off to become something new.

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Last Sunday I was at the christmas fair organised by St.Mary’s in baldoyle. It was a fun day, made even better because my little girl Ceri was with me!

I was showing off some of my paintings as well as my cards and gifts! I LOVE PAINTING! It’s not something I get to do a lot of recently so just displaying them gives me the motivation to pick up my brush. I’m starting to hoard them, I really must start my etsy shop back up again!

Let the countdown begin!

Less then a month until christmas now and I’m one of those sickening people who get ready extra early. I hate crowds at the best of times but packed shops at christmas is my idea of hell. I prefer to pick up bits earlier so I don’t have to brave the last minute madness. It may be a remnant of when I was pregnant with my daughter, she was due early Jan so I did all my shopping in Nov incase I went early. Now I still do it every year, come Dec its just stick up the decorations and wait for the big day! 

Its beginning to look a lot like christmas!

Its beginning to look a lot like christmas!

walking on clouds


Ever took time to look at where your walking or what your walking on?  You hear about people having their head in the clouds but I find them on the ground. This looked like an ordinary piece of path until I took a closer look.


One of little leafs turned out to be a little squirrel head, thats a surprise.  wonder how that poor little guy got there.

Nikki xxx

What a waste of space


I walk past these buildings every day as I bring my daughter to school. Years ago when I was in secondary school these shops had a florist, a butchers and a clothes shop in them. Same old story, they were bought, redeveloped then just left. Maybe they didn’t sell, maybe there is building faults but its such a pity.

I day dream about buildings like this. Picture them filled with rows of pretty products, maybe a cute tea shop. another florist showing there bright array of happiness on the pavement. They are at the gates of the Bon Secours hospital so a little lift as you drive in would be lovely…

back to daydreaming but what a waste…

Nikki xxx