It’s Time


This is  me now

So I’ve been busy since I last used this blog. On March 6th 2014 to be exact. I had no idea where I was going and where I’d end up. So I went into myself. I needed time to learn to express myself again.

Little did I know I was about to begin the most exciting time of my life. It makes no sense that I didn’t write about any of it. In the last three years, my job went through crazy changes, I got engaged, I got married, I travelled to Borneo amount other places and I grew another human.

I think it’s time to start talking. It may be a trip down memory lane but it’s time to talk again.

Nikki x




My daughter Ceri got a hair cut a few days ago, that’s her above. The one on the left, I’m Not that old! The lady on the right is my friend Aoife and my daughter’s doppelganger! Now and again you get glimpses of your children and think WOW she looks like her dad/ gran/aunt etc but it’s rare you look and think ” Wow she’s turning into my best friend”. In so many ways! Aoife is intelligent, funny, sweet and full of mischief, exactly the same I’d say about Ceri.

Those two crazy ladies get on well and despite the distance between us all ( Aoife lives far away, married hot American), they have a cool relationship. They even have matching sweaters. As a role model for my daughter, I’m quite happy she looks up to Aoife. Good choice baby, maybe you are more like me after all,
Nikki xxx


Put a cork in it (part 1)


So a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a chance to pop down to cork with my mum for a quick stay. I wanted to show you some of my favourite parts, take a look at this restaurant front! I thought it was a chemist at first glance but it’s actually a pretty cool place to eat! Maynes just off south mall!


Their front window had a great display of old school cosmetics, looked like a chemist from the 70’s!


Next great part was O’Conaills chocolate cafes. We went twice it was so good! Such an extensive menu, at the suggestion of my friend Li De Giovanni, I tried the cinnamon orange. Wow it was good.


Another great thing was how all the shops let their personality shine through. Look at this shop Amity! Not.only did they have an amazing bike dress in the window but I love their opening hours!


Any suggestions next visit?

Pin Me!

I’m as excited as a high school girl getting pinned by her varsity boyfriend. Wait scratch that it sounds a lil dirty.

I got Pinned. I said that to my mother in an excited voice, she smiled and said “thats lovely, sweetheart, now what does that mean?” So for Mam and anyone else. Someone pinned a photo of my new tattoo onto their inspiration board. It means someone on pinterest looked at my tattoo and said “Oh I’d like something like that” and posted it on to their idea board. The very idea that people around the world are looking at the tattoo design I created and are pinning it for their future tattoos is very exciting. Someone out there may get the same design thats on my arm and I couldn’t be happier!


The photo thats being pinned!

Here’s to more pinning in the future, Nikki xxx