Codema Workshop

I know its late but I had to show you! Over christmas I was invited by Sharon from Codema to come down to the Dublin Corporation and show them some ideas for a sustainable christmas. The Girls from Codema were an absolute delight to work with, when I arrived they had tree set up with some great christmas ideas. I got to play for a little while showing them how to wrap presents in newspapers, how to make orange and clove decorations and also some paper flower ideas with Verena.


It was a great morning and there was plenty of requests from staff to do some more workshops so hopefully the girls can arrange it in the future! You can see more great shots from the day here


Thanks Again to Sharon for asking me and Verena & Paula for their help (and coffee!)

Nikki xxx


The Great Christmas Tree Quandry

Real or Fake? I grew up in a house where we always used fake trees. they looked amazing but friends always raved about real tree’s. Am i missing something. Whenever I see real trees, they always look sparse and spiky. not as full and soft as my mums.

Have I just had bad real tree experiences or is faking it the way to go, enlighten me please

Nikki xxx

Let the countdown begin!

Less then a month until christmas now and I’m one of those sickening people who get ready extra early. I hate crowds at the best of times but packed shops at christmas is my idea of hell. I prefer to pick up bits earlier so I don’t have to brave the last minute madness. It may be a remnant of when I was pregnant with my daughter, she was due early Jan so I did all my shopping in Nov incase I went early. Now I still do it every year, come Dec its just stick up the decorations and wait for the big day! 

Its beginning to look a lot like christmas!

Its beginning to look a lot like christmas!