Spotlight-Cool Baby

I was on Hike those likes Ireland on facebook and came across a really cool little site. Its called and does the most adorable baby clothes. Not your frou frou skirts and hand made moccasins but great quality rompers, bibs, socks and more.


Its main focus seems to be sports references which are adorable. My OH Mic is a Dublin born “Banner Man” so he’d turn to mush looking at that stuff.  For anyone not au fait with Irish sport, a banner man is a someone from County Clare. Clare has a history of carrying banners to political meetings and can even be traced back to the battle of Clontarf in 1014, Hence the Name. Now I’m a Dub born and bred so true blue would be my choice. Lucky enough they also stock Leinster Rugby themes so we can both be lept happy!



What a cute banner Baby!

A typical Hat and babygro set cost €24.99 so perfect price point for a gift set. You can buy everything separately if you just want a hat or socks. They even have a personalised service to add names to the rompers.


Its irish without being Oirish and even the farming references are kitsch instead of cliche, and as luck would have it my friends just had a baby so I’m off to buy a gift set.  Hence why I’m trawling baby sites, (don’t get your hope up folks)Now which county do I order? Leitrim for the Dad, Offaly for the Mum or Dublin for Her birthplace….

Its an Irish company so delivery should be in time for christmas too, If you’ve bought from here before please leave me your thoughts in comments!


Nikki xxx


Spotlight-MarKier Design


I wanted to use this blog to show a few of the people who I think are doing amazing work at the moment. All of which are on my wish lists for different reasons. The first of which is Amy brannigan from MarKier design. I knew Amy when we were children but recently met her at the Knitting and Stitching show in the RDS where she was exhibiting her textile wonders. Amy is a 3rd yr student in Gmit and recently was the overall winner in the fashion and design competition, ‘Fashion-Able Kenmare’.


Amys Latest work was inspired by the Irish coastline and the result is fantastic. Soft leathers, intricate beading, gold leaf, soft textures all blend seamlessly into amazing froths of design loveliness. I fell in love with a black piece which in person looked so inviting I had to resist the urge to keep stroking the leather. I wanted to wear it, I wanted to live in it. I WANT IT. My mother was with me and remarked the shaping of the leather and tiny feathered work brought to mind “The Black Swan”, theatrical ballet comparison that works.

After talking to Amy the most impressive thing I found was the lady herself and her conviction to her design path. Her pure design ethos is evident and never waivers. She is in the process of designing a Wedding range and it is refreshing to hear her speak about individualism, vintage, Diy without the tired bunting and mismatched china spiel. She has a clear

design focus and I cannot wait to see what she does next. This lady is going places but doing it in impeccable style.