walking on clouds


Ever took time to look at where your walking or what your walking on?  You hear about people having their head in the clouds but I find them on the ground. This looked like an ordinary piece of path until I took a closer look.


One of little leafs turned out to be a little squirrel head, thats a surprise.  wonder how that poor little guy got there.

Nikki xxx


What a waste of space


I walk past these buildings every day as I bring my daughter to school. Years ago when I was in secondary school these shops had a florist, a butchers and a clothes shop in them. Same old story, they were bought, redeveloped then just left. Maybe they didn’t sell, maybe there is building faults but its such a pity.

I day dream about buildings like this. Picture them filled with rows of pretty products, maybe a cute tea shop. another florist showing there bright array of happiness on the pavement. They are at the gates of the Bon Secours hospital so a little lift as you drive in would be lovely…

back to daydreaming but what a waste…

Nikki xxx